Applications of Xyhlo biofinish

For centuries, wood has been used as a durable and reliable building material, coming second only to stone in terms of its rich history in the world of construction. Wood certainly has clear advantages when compared with varying construction materials, however, European wood species are often quite unsustainable.

Known methods for improving the longevity and sustainability of wood are often rather harmful for the environment due to the use of high-toxicity chemicals and/or the involvement of energy-intensive processes. However, green alternatives are on the rise. Xyhlo biofinish is the most famous solution in construction and facade cladding, praised for its low-maintenance and sustainable outdoors applications.

Xyhlo for residential building

Green building has gained much popularity through the years. Evolving around environmentally responsible processes and resource-efficient design, wood comes in as a natural first choice in the establishment of green buildings. Wood means many benefits such as lower embodied energy consumption and the building material being light and easy to work with. However, local wood species such as European softwood need protection against climatic influences to be truly sustainable. Xyhlo biofinish contains the protective qualities needed for using wood for residential building, all the while being a 100% natural.

Xyhlo and facade cladding

Xyhlo biofinish is the ideal choice for maximising the sustainable qualities of wooden facade cladding. Not only does the coating protect the facade for many years, Xyhlo biofinish also has the unique ability to repair itself once damaged. Making Xyhlo not only an environmental but also an economical leap forwards.

Sustainable projects with Xyhlo biofinish

There are countless applications for the environmentally-friendly Xyhlo biofinish, such as roofing, sheds, fencing etc. Please allow us to inspire you further by taking a look at our project page, featuring previous projects as well as current builds featuring Xyhlo biofinish.

Villa in Berchem (Belgium) with wooden cladding

Villa with three different facades Xyhlo biofinsih

Da Costa care centre, two years after applying Xyhlo, it is still as new.

Considering Xyhlo biofinish?

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