Biofinish, sustainable & Eco-friendly

Xyhlo biofinish is an environmentally friendly alternative for the preservation of wood, most effective in outdoors applications. Inspired by natural processes and depending on natural resources, Xyhlo biofinish is as eco-friendly as can be! Xyhlo works through the application of a proficient, black and living protective layer which can restore itself if need be. Offering the wood durable protection as only nature can.

A nature-friendly application

Xyhlo biofinish is a nature-friendly application. Introducing an organic, protective membrane to the wood through a base coating consisting of natural oils and a second layer of biological coating existing of nature-activated and harmless fungus. Allowing our indigenous, less sustainable wood species to experience long lasting protection without the application of damaging technologies or polluting materials.

Circularity and Carbon-neutral

Consisting of only natural and local resources, Xyhlo-coated wood is a 100% biodegradable. Once the wood has extended its technical life span, the material may be brought back and obtained by nature. There are no additional CO2 emissions in the destruction of the coated wood, not even when the wood is repurposed for the generation of energy.


Cradle-to-cradle aims for an ideal circular economy, believing that all used materials can be repurposed in highly efficient ways. Inspired by nature the cradle-to-cradle philosophy is about eco-effectiveness and goes beyond conventional sustainability tools and approaches by considering equal economic, social and ecological benefits.

Wood coated with Xyhlo biofinish is completely reinforceable and does is no way endanger our ecology. On the contrary; Xyhlo-coated wood nutrifies new organisms and plants – waste equals food.

Self-healing potential

The black, living microorganisms which form the base of Xyhlo biofinish do not only protect the wood, but will also restore exterior and interior damage from which the wood may suffer. Tears, rips and scratches can be made undone as the coating is in a constant state of rehabilitation. Unlike conventional coatings which deteriorate from the moment of application and onwards, Xyhlo grows more advance and prosper when maturing.

Sustainable protection

Xyhlo owns its success to the operationalization of active fungal parts and chlamydospores present in the coating. which attach to the wood through biopolymers. Xyhlo biofinish does not only protect against climate impact, but is also highly competent against wearability due to UV-radiation and a masterly defence against other, unwanted fungus.

Benefits of Xyhlo biofinish

Xyhlo biofinish offers massive benefits for applications such as facade covering, noise screens and pavilions. Beneficial not only due to its eco-friendliness, but credential because of its sustainability and low maintenance. To gain some perspective:


  • Extremely sustainable, prolongs the lifespan of the wood with 5 years or more.
  • Self-repairing when damaged
  • Low-maintenance
  • Direct use (wood will be supplied user-ready)
  • 100% natural materials
  • All waste is pesticide-, chemical- and additive- free
  • Carbon-neutral
  • Contributes to the circular system of our planet
  • Cradle to cradle philosophy

Considering Xyhlo biofinish?

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