Xyhlo biofinish

The best sustainable and eco-friendly wood protection
✓ Beautiful matte black transparent finish
✓ Durable long lasting protection
✓ Low maintenance, does not peel, hardly discolours
✓ Self-repairing in case of minor damage
✓ Size-stable and less crack formation
✓ FSC® and PEFC™ certified

Sustainable projects

Get inspired by the sustainable past projects and current adaptations of Xyhlo biofinish. Find a selection of Xyhlo projects below or click here for the complete overview.

Environmentally friendly wood protection

Xyhlo biofinish is an environmentally friendly alternative for the preservation of wood, most effective in outdoors applications. Inspired by natural processes and depending on natural resources, Xyhlo biofinish is as eco-friendly as can be! Xyhlo works through the application of a proficient, black and living protective layer which can restore itself if need be. Offering the wood durable protection as only nature can.

Consisting of only natural and local resources, Xyhlo-coated wood is a 100% biodegradable. Once the wood has extended its technical life span, the material may be brought back and obtained by nature. There are no additional CO2 emissions in the destruction of the coated wood, not even when the wood is repurposed for the generation of energy.

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Façade cladding

Xyhlo biofinish is a perfect solution for exterior wall cladding. By providing longevity, 100% circularity in nature, low-maintenance and a natural look. Xyhlo could also be applied in the after-market.

Projects with Xyhlo

Discover more about the application of Xyhlo biofinish by our past clients? Or learn more about current adaptations? Get inspired by the wide variety of Xyhlo projects featured in our portfolio.

Xyhlo in housing

Xyhlo biofinish can be applied in large-scale housing construction. For example, next to facade cladding, Xyhlo biofinish can be fit for sheds, barns, carports and fences.

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