The Loskade in Groningen in The Netherlands is the circular district of the future. It will be built on the former sugar factory site. Together with construction company Van Wijnen, Xyhlo is building a pop-up neighbourhood focused on sustainable innovations in an experimental environment. One of the villas is built with a wooden Xyhlo biofinish façade covering. Matte black and 100% natural. By varying the types of wood and the number of layers of Xyhlo biofinish, three different facades have been realized. Each with its own appearance and character. Together with Van Wijnen and Xyhlo, Groningen becomes more sustainable!

Do you want to build sustainably?

Do you want to build sustainably and discover more about the environmentally friendly Xyhlo biofinish? Read more about Xyjlo biofinish or experience the unique, natural protection yourself by requesting a sample of softwood coated with Xyhlo biofinish.

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