Innovations regarding the preservation of wood

Xyhlo biofinish is an unique player on the International market, introducing new technologies for the protection and longevity of wood species. The deployment of natural principles of protection for wood, based on linseed oil and functional micro-organisms, combines science and nature in a complete new manner as has never been introduced before. Although much research has been conducted to biofilm, most of these directed their questions to methods of biofilm spreading and prevention of such. Using biofilm and recognising its functional characteristics, however, is a totally unique development in wood preservation on a global scale.

The principle of longevity through fungal growth on ethereal oils has been an accidental discovery in the late 90s. The finding was an unintended residual in a promotional research led by Dr. Michael Sailor at the University of Hamburg. The research confirmed that in the wild, suitable substrates such as wood with linseed oil will develop a stable system of micro-organisms given a timespan of a few months and a shortage of biocides; a so-called biofilm, protecting the material constantly. This technology has been patented and developed further by TNO, and later on Xylotrade, in the years following.

The biofilm covers the fertile ground of linseed strategically, making sure to use every inch given. If the outer layer of biofilm were to be damaged or scratched, the living biofilm would react to the newly exposed feeding ground; giving Xyhlo biofinish the ability to rehabilitate itself. Leading to lower maintenance and costs as well as significant environmental gains as no extra toxicity is created or needed during servicing. Even when the biofilm becomes less dense after years of service, the provision of new feeding ground will suffice.

Through the growth of the naturally occurring fungus Aureobasidium pullulans on linseed oil impregnated wood, a robust, functional, living biofilm or coating is created. Not only will toxic substances be redundant, through the extra functionality of Xyhlo biofinish an environmentally as well as economic advantage can be given; replacing toxic chemicals by allowing nature to live.

The technical application of protective biofilm has already been realised in the colour black. Further research for the production of different colours are still in operation.

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