Treatment recommendations for Xyhlo biofinish

We carefully tested our product and collected the following set of recommendations for you to experience the most optimal results and maximum longevity of your Xyhlo biofinish products. Tailor made for the treatment of Xyhlo biofinish coated wood these guidelines will help you get the most of your Xyhlo experience!

1.1. Storage wood

After the products have been delivered, please store in a dry environment. Xyhlo biofinish is in no way liable for damage occurring from poor or improper storage or handling methods.

1.2. Product control

Xyhlotrade B.V. will endeavour to offer and produce high-quality, refined, solid wood cladding. In case of doubts about the correctness and/or the quality of the delivered materials you are obliged to inform us before assembly. Please contact Xyhlotrade B.V., the product representative in The Netherlands. In case of inappropriate conduct we might sanction through decay of warranty rights. Verwerkingsvoorschrift xyhlo biofinish gevelbekleding

1.3. Substructure

The mounting of the facade cladding is to occur on a wooden substructure coherent of the following guidelines:

  • The dimensions of the rows should be 22 x 50 mm at minimum.
  • The mounting of the substructure should be coherent with the supplier guidelines.

1.4. Ventilation

An air-space of at least 20mm should be calculated behind the Xyhlo biofinish facade cladding for ventilation purposes. In case of vertical facade cladding a double layer of wooden batten needs to be applied to ensure ventilation. Ventilation battens are not permitted. The ventilation may in no form or way be hindered or narrowed, the vent holes need to contain a depth of 20mm at minimum.

1.5. Mounting of the planks

Maximum mounting of 400mm centre-to-centre.

  • with RVS screws of 3,5 x 55mm.
  • with ribbed RVS nails of 2,7 x 64mm

The nails should penetrate the massive, wooden base-grid by 38mm at minimum. It is preferred to choose for colour-marked screws.

The use of alternating planks and/or shorter nails is only permitted in case of deviating guidelines given by local building regulations. In case of differentiations during instalment due to alternating local building regulations the installer will be responsible for the quality-check of given guidelines, and to judge whether given guidelines can be applied for the instalment of Xyhlo biofinish, all the while preventing cupping, excessive functionality and ventilation guidelines. In case of construction sites near coastal areas, RVS screws or nails of a higher quality may be required.

Verwerkingsvoorschrift xyhlo biofinish goed


NOTE: The head of the nail or screw should always rest on top of the wooden surface instead of being slashed into the wooden surface. Careful mounting techniques as described minimise chances of damage to the biological coating.


Never mount straining constructions such as sunscreens or rain gutters directly to the Xyhlo biofinish facade cladding. The applications of straining constructions will lead to loss of warranty. In case of instalment at the substructure of the build, potential damage to the Xyhlo biofinish is to be recovered. Straining constructions are to be designed and mounted in such a way to prevent damage potential to Xyhlo biofinish.

Start with a minimum of 150mm above the surface level. Panels are to stay out of touch with the brickwork under all circumstances.

Verwerkingsvoorschrift xyhlo biofinish maaiveldStart minimaal 150 mm boven het maaiveld. Panelen mogen niet in contact komen met het metselwerk.

All supporting pillars are to be attached as described below (page 3/4):

  • Half-wood Rabat, V-profile, Channel siding, Swedish rabat (137 mm), Double rhombus:
    25 mm from bottom.
  • Board and Batten:
    Battens 64 mm from mid point. Board with 2 mounts 25 mm from sides.
  • Rhombus open facade-profile:
    In case of ≤ 65 mm attach at mid point, 2 mounts of 25 mm from can. when > 65 mm
  • Swedish rabat (178 mm):
    25 mm from the bottom and 80 mm on top of first mount.

In case of head sides the nails are to be mounted 25mm from the head sides.

1.6. Cuts

Care for all saw cuts and/or collateral damage required during instalment immediately. Care for obtained damage by cleaning spots gently and applying two thin layers of Xyhlo biofinish. If unprotected, the head sides of the plates are to be treated with two thin layers of Xyhlo biofinish. Note that in case of butt joints additional layering is not necessary unless uncoated surface is visible due to sawing.

1.7. Grouts and expansion-spaces

Saw the head sides in a  22 ° angle for optimal aesthetics. Apply Xyhlo biofinish with in-between expansion-spaced of 3mm at minimum. Expansion spaces are needed to allow space for growth and/or shrinking of the wood. All topics left unmentioned in this catalogue should be consulted for in the building regulations of the Building code. In case of doubt about the prescribed guidelines please contact Xylotrade B.V. and/or representatives before instalment. In case of deviation from communicated guidelines we might sanction through decay of warranty rights.

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