Maintenance recommendations Xyhlo biofinish

During its lifetime Xyhlo biofinish may show a few natural side-effects which are inherent with the coated wood. Possible side-effects are conditional and depend on the individual build circumstances. Small imperfections of the biofinish as a result of these natural side-effects are not warranted for. We therefor encourage you to inspect the Xyhlo biofinish regularly and to follow given maintenance instructions to stay eligible for our warranty terms.

1. Cleaning

Even though dirt has no, or only limited, impact on the quality of the biofinish, we would still recommend you to clean regularly for aesthetic purposes. Use a soft brush for cleaning the coated wood and rinse gently after.  Please refrain from using a high pressure hose as such will damage the biofinish. Prevent stains from splashing water and make sure that the rainwater discharge of the Xyhlo biofinish panels are well installed.

2.The wood becoming visible

Although Xyhlo biofinish is of extremely durable quality, negligence or other factors might over time lead to the initiation of a rip, flake, dent or scratch allowing the wood underneath to surface. Exposed wood might allow moisture to penetrate the object which might result in a lesser protection. Small damage will be nurtured for by the biofinish and restored in a natural flow, however, larger damage or exposed wood will have to be cared for with additional biofinish. Additional Xyhlo biofinish may be obtained from your local Xyhlo supplier. Please restore the coating with care, it is preferred to apply the additional coating with a brush. The overlapping of additional coating might lead to a slight difference in colour, typically disappearing over time.

3. Natural wood side-effects

With wood being a nature-obtained product and every tree being different in structure and density, the presence of small irregularities can not be warranted for. Through neutralisation and the counterbalancing of offsets, variations derived from natural wood phenomenon are being kept to a minimum during manufacturing. These variations might differ per wood species, but will not be of any influence on the functional protective effects of the biofinish. For aesthetic reasons, one might choose to counteract nonetheless.

  • Release of linseed oil: During the manufacturing of Xyhlo biofinish we aim for an even yet sufficient impregnation of linseed oil to coat the wood. Striving for minimum release of unwanted liquids and yet a plentiful appliance for the biofinish to stay nourished. Even though, small releases of linseed oil might occur in the early adaptation phase of the biofinish, especially during the warmer summer season. Since the release of linseed oil does not effect the quality of the biofinish, occurrence of such is not warranted for.
  • Paintbrush-lifting and raising grain: Manufacturing methods of Xyhlo biofinish are designed to keep visible paintbrush strokes and fibers to an absolute minimum, however, traces of this process may be found in the coating. This is considered normal. Use Xyhlo biofinish in case of exposed wood.

4. Repairs and maintenance

It is the responsibility of the end user to prevent and care for possible larger tear and wear during the warranty period. Apply two layers of Xyhlo biofinish once damage has been detected. Further maintenance involves the application of an additional layer of linseed oil once every three years. Such post-treatment should be adapted from the seventh year past delivery onwards.